[Sugarman] Arrangements for the remaining sessions

Keith Breckenridge keith at breckenridge.org.za
Mon May 5 21:43:09 SAST 2014

Good evening all.

We'd like to try some things in the sessions tomorrow; we can assess them
tomorrow evening and decide whether to persist with them.

1. In order to encourage Graduate Student participation, we will ask
faculty to hold back their questions and comments in the opening 20 minutes
(or until all students have spoken).

2.  We want to ensure that threads of discussion are properly worked
through, and ask that people signal whether their questions and comments
are new issues by (politely!) raising two fingers; use one finger to signal
an engagement with the current thread of discussion.

3.  We'd like to encourage people to live tweet the discussions.  Please
use #WiserUMich14 (we can discuss better tags tomorrow).

4.   I am working on getting more robust wifi, but Danny apparently knows
what the Michigan authentication string should be: perhaps, Danny, you can
post the instructions here?

If you have further suggestions or questions please feel to share them here.

Many thanks, k

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