[Sugarman] Thursday and Friday for Workshop participants

Keith Breckenridge keith at breckenridge.org.za
Thu May 15 16:19:29 SAST 2014

Dear all,

I hope that you have all made it back safe and sound from the Platinum
mines.   This afternoon a bus will be coming to 84th on 4th at 5:15pm to
pick up the people from my bus for the dinner and the movie "Spectres" at
Wiser.   There is more on the event
Ngaka please will you take your people to Wits at the same time.   I will
be fetching young debaters from the airport, so I cannot provide transport,
but I'm confident that you will all find your way home.  If you find
yourself stuck at Wits call me on 0726519248.

Tomorrow at 12:30pm I will be outside 84th on 4th to transport people to
Wits.  Please ensure that you've eaten as there will not be a meal at
Wits.  From 1 to 2:30pm we will join Isabel Hofmeyr and Sarah Nuttall for
"Writing from Johannesburg", and then from 3pm we will have a short recap
session and a longer planning meeting to think through what we will be
doing next.

Yours, k

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