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Nancy Hunt nrhunt at umich.edu
Fri May 16 10:36:32 SAST 2014

On the Global South as an Idea group, I offer this update for one and all.

The following message seems to have never reached Achille (returned by Wits email last night). And of course we have not been able to meet as a full group since our brief meeting at the Safari resort.
And our dinner was planned for tonight. Still we are now about 5 members plus, and keen to make alliances as these make sense.

Since it will be our last dinner together, it may be difficult to huddle for long, though we will try—depending on what emerges at the planning sessions earlier today.

With this email, I invite anyone else who would like to be involved to please send ME or US an email.

Written several days ago;

> Dear Achille and Damola, and also Jennifer and Kalema who have expressed interest in our group,
> Since Global South as an Idea will go last, during the final dinner on Friday night, I jot these few minutes from our meeting yesterday, so you may all chime in and tell me what I have wrong. Or should be changed.
> Achille suggested inviting and curating a website with short texts about the Global South as an Idea (or analytic, topology, spatialization, discourse, etc), written by scholars, artists, activists, and public intellectuals around the world.
> We then discussed a first conference in Ann Arbor in October 2015, with perhaps 2 sessions over 2 days, in which some 20 mostly UM and Wits scholars would be given 5 minutes each to answer a critical question about the Global South, with much representation from persons working outside our Africa box, in other domains and spaces around the world.
> We then wondered if mounting the best of these 5-minute texts as the initial takes on the proposed website, as well as perhaps some of the recorded, videoed, or textualized debate would not be an easier, less labor-intensive way to proceed.
> Likely one or more sessions would happen in Detroit, where with Detroit scholars, activists, and artists, we might ponder whether it makes any sense to think Detroit as an Idea as part of the Global South.
> Planning for the October 2015 conference would take place between Jo'burg (Achille), Paris (Nancy), and Damola (Ann Arbor), and when Achille visits Ann Arbor this coming academic year, Damola and he will have a chance for further logistical planning. 
> Intellectual planning would begin by our assembling a provocative Position Statement, to be circulated to invited 5-minute speakers at the Ann Arbor conference at the time of invitation.
> QUESTION: How would we like to plan for the Friday dinner?

The question remains open. Please come with ideas, please stay tuned.


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