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Dear all,

My apologies for filling your mailboxes.

At the end of the meeting on May 17 we discussed, at some interesting
length, the plans for forthcoming workshops and their themes.   We agreed
that it would be good to be able to support special issue concentrations
that emerge from the main workshops, as one means of encourage tangible
outputs.  That will obviously be budget dependent, and something we can
discuss on this list.

We also agreed on the following sequence.   The dates and names are still
tentative.  Please do speak up, ideally on the list, if you can see a
problem or would like a different arrangement.

*Scheduled Workshops*

2.  Intellectual property and curatorship in the digital humanities
* *Ann Arbor*, November 6 - 17, 2014

3.  Public spaces, informality and infrastructures in the desegregating city
*Joburg*, Feb - May 2015, ideally to link with Antipode Workshop, last week
of March (?),  and Coordinating with Capitalism from the South

4.  Legacies of the imperial archive in post-colonial history and museums
* Linked to Social History after Edward Thompson, Sparks & Eley?, 2015.
* & Toxicity in *Ann Arbor* in October, 2015.

5. Cultural studies of science and technology in Africa
** Joburg*, June - August 2016

6.  Narrative, visual forms and biopolitics in the medical humanities
* *Ann Arbor*, April - May 2017.

7.  Textual analysis, performance, visual culture and the state in the
making of African publics
June - Oct 2017 -- Place?

*Currently not scheduled:*
* Interrogating Neoliberalism as idea and explanation
* The politics of literacy, legibility and expert knowledges in Africa
* Vernacular literatures in the making of transnational movements and
subjects & Province and diaspora in African intellectual history
*  The politics of heritage

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